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The Great 8, which will now be known as the BASF Great 8, is comprised of the eight finalists chosen each year to compete for Detroit Autorama’s prestigious Ridler Award.


 Being named as a Great 8 finalist is a highly sought-after achievement. Renowned custom car builders from across the U.S. bring their creations to the Detroit Autorama in the hope of being named to the Great 8 and ultimately competing for the Ridler Award. 


The Great 8 finalists are announced to great fanfare at the Ridler’s Ball on Friday evening during the Detroit Autorama. They each receive a crystal award, a cash prize and a unique embroidered Great 8 jacket to mark the achievement. 


According to Peter A. Toundas, president of Championship Auto Shows, Inc. and producer of the event, “The Great 8 concept started 17 years ago as an effort to recognize the very best from among the many entries that come to the Detroit Autorama to compete for our Ridler Award.


 BASF paint has covered many of these vehicles, and we are extremely pleased that BASF has now moved into the Great 8 sponsorship position and has become part of the Detroit Autorama, Great 8 and Ridler Award history and tradition.” 


Butch Patrico, president of the Michigan Hot Rod Association (M.H.R.A.), co-producer of the Autorama, and head judge of the Ridler competition said, “Due to the well-regarded reputation of the Great 8 and the Ridler Award, it becomes more difficult to pick the finalists and winner each year because so many owners of high-caliber vehicles want to be part of it. It’s great that BASF will be a part of it as well.”


 Dan Bihlmeyer, BASF Marketing Director, stated, “BASF is pleased to partner with the best builders in the industry and the Great 8 is always a showcase of their exemplary feats. We’re elated to honor them and become a part of the Autorama experience.”


 The Detroit Autorama is celebrating its 67th anniversary in 2019 and will be held at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan March 1-3.

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