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In a video lasting one minute or less, share how Norbin has been a benefit to you and your business. Record your testimonial, upload it to YouTube and send us the link so we can share it on our website, and receive a free Norbin t-shirt* from BASF as a thank you.

Your testimonial video should show up to two individuals holding Norbin products answering the following questions:
– What feature(s) do you like the most about Norbin?
– What advantages does Norbin offer?
– How have your business and/or customers benefited from Norbin?

Send the YouTube link to your video to by June 15, 2018. Please download the photo/video agreement form here and sign and return with your submission. Be sure to include your name, address, shop info, and t-shirt size, as well.

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BASF’s product portfolio includes products for multiple industries. A product that is compliant for one region, industry, application or end use, may not be compliant for another region, industry, application or end-use, and BASF accordingly disclaims all representations, conditions and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.

To assist automotive refinish customer searching for information about BASF products that meet the VOC limits for automotive refinish use, BASF provides Wall Charts that list the products that are compliant with the automotive refinish VOC regulations in specific regions in North America (country, province, state, air districts). It is the responsibility of the purchaser/end-user to ensure they know and understand the regulations for their specific region, industry, application and end use and ensure that the products that they are using are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements and any permits specific to their business.

To view product information on our entire portfolio, please click to acknowledge your understanding of this information.