BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings
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1000 Multi-Metal Prep Wipes

Pre-saturated prep wipe for steel application. Applies a phosphate coating to enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance. Alternative to etch primer.

1006-26 Sprayable Body Filler - Grey

A fine putty/body filler for spray application on bare metal and well cured old paintwork. Offers high filling capacity and the ability to apply thick coats. Aluminum and galvanized steel must be preprimed with Epoxy Primers 801- before using 1006-26.

1.4 kg. 1006-26
50 ml 948-22 Hardener
Use 75 ml 948-22 for temperatures below 60°F/15°C.

11-Line Multi Effect

139 Final Wash

139 is a mild cleaning solvent for use prior to paint application. It removes hand prints, sanding residue and eliminates sand scratch swelling.

151-170 UV Primer Filler

A primer filler that is suitable for steel, galvanized steel and aluminium. Fully cures in 10-20 minutes in natural sunlight, 3-5 minutes with standard UV equipment, and instantly with SPDI UV Fastland 2K Mobility Cart.

151-70 UV Light-Activated Primer Filler

A one component UV-cured primer which provides high build, easy application and good corrosion/weather resistance. Excellent topcoat holdout. Fully cures in 3 minutes with UVA lamp. Unlimited pot life.

176-72 1K Waterborne Primer Surfacer

Primer Filler (corrosion protector and filler). Barrier primer for TPA (acrylic lacquer). Can be used as guide coat.

1K Clear

1K Clear

2000 Advanced Prep Wipes

Pre-saturated prep wipe for aluminum and magnesium.  Applies a phosphate coating to enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance. Alternative to etch primer.

203 Wax and Grease Remover

203 is a blend of specially formulated solvents designed to remove most surface contaminants such as silicone, wax, grease, tar and road film. 203 also causes a slight softening action on existing paint which provides better bonding and adhesion of succeeding coats.



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BASF’s product portfolio includes products for multiple industries. A product that is compliant for one region, industry, application or end use, may not be compliant for another region, industry, application or end-use, and BASF accordingly disclaims all representations, conditions and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.

To assist automotive refinish customer searching for information about BASF products that meet the VOC limits for automotive refinish use, BASF provides Wall Charts that list the products that are compliant with the automotive refinish VOC regulations in specific regions in North America (country, province, state, air districts). It is the responsibility of the purchaser/end-user to ensure they know and understand the regulations for their specific region, industry, application and end use and ensure that the products that they are using are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements and any permits specific to their business.

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