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Productivity-driven results

As the #1 basecoat and clearcoat system in the United States, and a leader in OEM approvals, R-M stands for productivity, quality and innovative technology. In 1970 R-M launched Onyx HD®, the first waterborne paint system. R-M products meet or exceed factory finish standards and have earned widespread acclaim for superior appearance, ease of use, durability, color matching and profitability. The brand includes Onyx HD®, Uno HD®, Diamont® and Carizzma® paint systems.


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R-M Paint Systems

Maximum Innovation

There are two things that count for painters: using the best materials and saving as much time as possible. That’s why we judge all our innovations by how they measure up to these standards. The results speak for themselves: easier application, better covering power, higher gloss, faster drying times, outstanding finish and improved environmental compatibility.

  • Onyx HD

    Waterborne basecoat system

    Onyx HD is R-M’s waterborne basecoat system, launched in 1995, that combines ease-of-use and durability with superb color-matching while remaining compliant with today’s most stringent VOC regulations in North America.

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  • UNO HD

    Acrylic urethane single-stage paint system

    R-M’s acrylic urethane single-stage, launched in 1995, complements R-M Onyx HD and Diamont basecoat/clearcoat systems with a comprehensive, high-performance, single-stage system. Uno HD includes a full spectrum of solid colors and metallics.

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  • Diamont

    Dual-stage solventborne paint system

    Diamont, formulated in BASF’s industry-leading laboratory and launched in 1981, is R-M’s dual-stage solventborne paint system. Diamont has built a long-standing record of success as the highest productivity basecoat/clearcoat system for North America.

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  • Custom

    Latest and greatest formulas


    R-M’s Carizzma paint system was launched in 2003 to give custom painters an exciting new range of custom products, colors and effects with the proven quality of the R-M brand. Carizzmatics, Carizzma Crystals, Carizzma Candys and Effect Powders offer endless possibilities for color creations.


    2016 saw the launch of Zyrilliant, R-M’s most recent addition, offering 108 new inspirational colors for extreme effects to the brand family.

    KC’s Custom Colors

    The newest additions to the R-M custom color line-up, KC’s Custom Colors, give the appearance of total blackness with the subtle hint of color only visible in certain lights. Easy to spray, customizable, and compliant in all states and countries, KC’s Custom Colors are the latest and greatest formulas available using R-M paint.

R-M History


For 100 years, R-M has been one of the automotive industry’s most innovative brands. R-M pioneered numerous industry firsts, including Florida weather testing and the first tinting base system.


    Early Years

    Founded in Detroit in 1919 by Fred Rinshed and Herbert Mason, Rinshed-Mason, later known as R-M, immediately became an iconic presence in the automotive industry. Cadillac was their first customer.



    R-M launched the very first metallic finish for cars in 1931. In the 1960s they were trusted to provide heat-resistant black lacquer for one of the first space missions. BASF acquired the fast-growing company in 1986 and, by 1988, R-M had become the leading refinish system in North America.



    In 1996, R-M led the industry as the first brand in the automotive industry to launch a website and put all of its color formulas online. With its unique blend of innovation and BASF chemistry, R-M continues to be an industry icon and a paint brand preferred by thousands of body shops throughout the world.



    R-M Onyx HD is the only paint system that can be mixed as either waterborne or solventborne with a single set of toners. It meets all VOC regulations in North America.

BASF’s product portfolio includes products for multiple industries. A product that is compliant for one region, industry, application or end use, may not be compliant for another region, industry, application or end-use, and BASF accordingly disclaims all representations, conditions and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.

To assist automotive refinish customer searching for information about BASF products that meet the VOC limits for automotive refinish use, BASF provides Wall Charts that list the products that are compliant with the automotive refinish VOC regulations in specific regions in North America (country, province, state, air districts). It is the responsibility of the purchaser/end-user to ensure they know and understand the regulations for their specific region, industry, application and end use and ensure that the products that they are using are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements and any permits specific to their business.

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