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SOUTHFIELD, MI, February 6, 2020 – It isn’t every day that a business gets rewarded for 60 years of success. But when they do, it is always a story worth telling.

Last month, Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota, located at 2336 St. Clair Ave. West in Toronto, Ontario, was awarded by BASF for over 60 successful years of being in business and their long-standing partnership as an R-M customer.

In 1958, Ken Shaw Sr. started the business as a Sunoco service station after first emigrating from Ireland to Canada. Five years later, he opened Ken Shaw Motors and began selling new vehicles to the public. He started with Renault and later added Toyota to the franchise in 1968, leading to record sales. It was after this rapid success that Mr. Shaw decided to expand into the collision segment of the industry and purchased Kingsway Collision in 1971.

Since 1990, the business has operated in its current location as Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota Collision Centre, growing both its customer base and facility space to keep up with demand. Since 2015, they have expanded the production space, office area and customer lounge totaling 15,000 square feet, adding an additional 10,000 square feet to the metal shop and parts management areas in 2019.

The Shaw family still runs the business as it continues to grow, particularly over the last five years with the acquisition of several key KRP insurer programs.

“Our business model is built on honesty and transparency with our employees, customers, insurance companies and suppliers,“ said Danny Jamal, General Manager of Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota Collision Centre. “It is our priority to stay current on training and certification required by Lexus and Toyota Canada. We want to ensure that every customer coming through the door at Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota always walks out satisfied with our work.”

“On behalf of BASF Refinish Canada, we are proud to be partners with Ken Shaw as they celebrate this milestone,” said Mark Huisman, Business Manager for BASF Refinish Canada. “They have set an example of the work ethic and commitment it takes to be successful in this industry.

Photo caption: Front row (L to R): Jover Papag, appraiser; Danny Jamal, general manager; Lawrence Dimitriev, appraiser.

Back row (L to R): Paul Souliere, BASF regional business manager; John Bennett, manager; Paul Downer, assistant manager.

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