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SOUTHFIELD, MI, August 2, 2019 – Bentley has chosen DC Autocraft, a BASF customer located in Burbank, Calif., as the recipient of the 2018 Bentley Bodyshop of the Year Award for the Americas.

DC Autocraft, a Glasurit customer who services and repairs luxury vehicles, was given the award in late July for demonstrating compliance in each of Bentley’s required assessment areas for 2018. Requirements included 100% audit compliance, use of Glasurit 90 Line paint, submission of KPI repair data and high levels of engagement with their nominated Bentley Retailer. Every year, each Bentley accredited body shop in the world has an opportunity to compete for the award and be recognized as the best Bentley shop in their region.

“Bentley goes to great lengths to ensure that only the best body shops repair their cars,” said Jeff Wildman, Manager of OEM and Industry Relations for BASF Automotive Refinish. ”We present this award to the shop that demonstrates not only the ability to properly repair Bentley cars to original condition, but also provide an exceptional customer experience that Bentley owners have come to expect.”

Luxury bodyshops like DC Autocraft who compete for the accolade must not only meet the requirements of the Bentley Paint & Body Program, but also demonstrate the skills, technical expertise, culture and customer experience that sets them apart from others. Each winning shop for their region receives a unique award and attends a Glasurit-sponsored celebratory event exclusively for the winning bodyshop staff.

“Winning this award means absolutely everything to us,” said Miro Blaver, General Manager of DC Autocraft. “It is the biggest compliment that can be made to our team. Passion, drive and initiative are key factors to our success.”

Photo caption: DC Autocraft, winner of the 2018 Bentley Bodyshop of the Year award for the Americas. From left to right: Jeff Wildman (BASF), Miro Bilaver (DC Autocraft), Austin Fife (DC Autocraft) and Sebastian Grajales (BASF).

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