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What:          BASF Refinish returns to the Northeast tradeshow as exclusive platinum sponsor

When:         Friday, March 15 – Sunday, March 17, 2019

Where:       Meadowlands Exposition Center, 355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ, 07094

Background: BASF Refinish Automotive Coatings is gearing up for the collision industry’s AASP/NJ Northeast Tradeshow March 15–17. Once again, BASF will be the platinum sponsor, and have a booth on the show floor featuring its latest offerings.

“We are showcasing Vision+, our portfolio of value-added services that provide BASF partners with the most comprehensive, advanced solutions in the industry and the expertise, support and training to succeed in this dynamic market,” said Jane Niemi, BASF Market Sector Manager. “We continue to build upon our solutions for tomorrow, leveraging our wealth of industry experience and really listening to what customers are saying.”

BASF experts will be at the booth to demonstrate how BASF’s strategic partnership can drive growth, productivity, and profitability for customers and distribution partners. Vision+, the fully comprehensive suite of value-added services, will be featured at the booth along with BASF-coated vehicles:

  • Goolsby Customs 1974 Plymouth Duster: a one-of-a-kind Goolsby design that has restored this once drag-raced vehicle back into its prime for owner and driver Beth Hazelwood and features a custom Color Ideation Glasurit 55 Line color.
  • Customs by Kilkeary 1956 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible: this convertible was customized from bumper to bumper and features a custom-mixed Glasurit 90 Line color using Carizzma tints.

Jonathan Goolsby from Goolsby Customs and a Customs by Kilkeary representative will be in attendance to discuss their builds and experience with Glasurit products and support.

Industry experts Craig Seelinger and John Shoemaker from BASF will also be presenting at the Northeast Collision P.R.E.P. (Professional Repairer Education Program). Seelinger, BASF Vision+ Program Manager, will present on hidden opportunities to improve processes and the bottom line and Shoemaker, BASF Business Development Manager, will present key steps for maximizing reimbursement.

  • Craig Seelinger—Friday, March 15, 5:00 p.m.—Business Data, Knowing Your Unknowns: This session will analyze not only hidden opportunities to improve processes, but also unknowns that can improve your bottom line. Craig will share a unique way to look at business data compared to national reports and get an in-depth understanding of your data and numbers. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the importance of knowing their unknowns and how it can impact their business and in making better business decisions that impact the bottom line—selecting DRPs or even which OEM certifications are the best fit.
  • John Shoemaker—Sunday, March 17, 10:00 a.m.—Damage Assessment Documentation: Key Steps for Maximum Reimbursement: This session will cover step-by-step documentation tips to maximize reimbursement on scanning, associated/related damage, measuring and structure repair time, adhesives and corrosion protection, mechanical repairs, interior paint, tire documentation requirements, and refinish operations such as four-stage paint. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to answer questions before they are asked by using an estimating line, line notes, and photos to clearly define and justify their repair process and labor hours.

BASF’s product portfolio includes products for multiple industries. A product that is compliant for one region, industry, application or end use, may not be compliant for another region, industry, application or end-use, and BASF accordingly disclaims all representations, conditions and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.

To assist automotive refinish customer searching for information about BASF products that meet the VOC limits for automotive refinish use, BASF provides Wall Charts that list the products that are compliant with the automotive refinish VOC regulations in specific regions in North America (country, province, state, air districts). It is the responsibility of the purchaser/end-user to ensure they know and understand the regulations for their specific region, industry, application and end use and ensure that the products that they are using are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements and any permits specific to their business.

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