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SOUTHFIELD, MI, December 18, 2019 – BMW honored four Canadian BASF shops for their extraordinary work throughout 2019 during the BMW Canada Certified Collision Repair Centres (CCRC) annual conference recently held in Québec City, Québec.

The following shops were awarded for their top scores in KPI utilization and Customer Service Index (CSI) tool management:

  • 2019 Mitchell CSI Award – Excellence Auto Collision for best utilization of the CSI reporting system
  • 2019 Ultimate Performer Award – B&D Autobody & Glass for best utilization of KPI reporting system

BMW recognizes one shop from each of its three regions as BMW CCRC Best Audit Results winner, and names one of these CCRCs as Canada’s top performer, CCRC of the Year. Two out of the three 2019 regional winners were BASF shops.

  • 2019 CCRC Best Audit Results, Western Region – Doug’s Place Strathcona Collision Repairs
  • 2019 CCRC Best Audit Results, Central Region – Performance Collision and Restyling

One of the winning shops for the regional awards was also the national winner.

  • 2019 CCRC of the Year – Performance Collision and Restyling

“These shops are best in class for winning this award,” said Mark Huisman, Business Manager for BASF Refinish Canada. “We value our relationship with BMW and look forward to many more rewarding years of partnership and growth.”

All winners utilize KPIs and CSI tools to manage their operations, competing for the highest scores in each category while meeting 100% of training requirements. The awards complement the strong global partnership between BASF and BMW at all levels, while demonstrating why BMW globally recommends the world-class luxury finish that Glasurit promises to users around the world.

Photo caption: Paul Bird, BMW Canada; Adrian Broomfield , Doug’s Place; Gary Lin, BMW Canada; Todd Noble, BMW Canada; Don Teevens,  CONSOLIDATED Dealers; Jack Desenna, Doug’s Place; Nelson Santos, Doug’s Place; Emile Fremont, Color Compass; John Scetta, Performance Collision; Greg Fenzl, CONSOLIDATED Dealers; Mark Millson, Excellence Auto Collision; Brian Busby, ART; Jefff Wildman, BASF Refinish

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