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SM09 Flattener - Special MAT09

SM09 Flattener - Special MAT09 is a matting agent that allows one to reduce the gloss level of National Rule VOC compliant R-M clears and UNO HD colors. SM09 is easy to use, allows different degrees of gloss (from total matte to semi-gloss), is pourable and can be combined with MT900 Texturing Agent to create low gloss textured coatings.

SM10 Low VOC Matte Additive

SM10 Low VOC Matte Additive is a matting agent which allows one to reduce the gloss level of R-M clears. SM10 is easy to use, allows different degrees of gloss (from total matte to semi-gloss) and is pourable. This is a Low VOC additive and will not increase the VOC of 250 gms/ltr RFU material.

Supreme PLUS Acrylic 1K Single Stage

Limco Supreme PLUS Topcoat is a specially formulated Acrylic 1K Single Stage system designed to meet the rigorous demands of Refinish, Commercial Vehicle, Agricultural and Fleet markets. It dries quickly to a dust-free surface with excellent flow and leveling, good hiding and good gloss.

UA97 Polyuroxy Activator

Polyuroxy Activator

UBR200 Universal Blending Solvent

Universal Blending Solvent

Universal Very High Temp Reducer

Universal Very High Temp Reducer


R-M UNO HD is a high solids, single stage, two component topcoat system. This formulation is based on a unique acrylic/polyurethane technology that offers high solids and high performance. UNO HD comes in a wide range of solid colors that can assure success in completes, panel replacements and spot repairs. The ease of mix as well as application are just the beginning. Expect excellent flow and leveling, exceptional hiding and mirror like gloss. Superior hardness and chemical resistance completes the package. This globally available product was developed with international cooperation among our European and American facilities. Can also be used on flexible parts with DF21 Flex Agent.

UR100 Universal Retarder

Universal Retarder

UR30 Spot & Panel Reducer

Spot & Panel Reducer

UR40 Universal Low Temp Reducer

Universal Low Temp Reducer



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BASF’s product portfolio includes products for multiple industries. A product that is compliant for one region, industry, application or end use, may not be compliant for another region, industry, application or end-use, and BASF accordingly disclaims all representations, conditions and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.

To assist automotive refinish customer searching for information about BASF products that meet the VOC limits for automotive refinish use, BASF provides Wall Charts that list the products that are compliant with the automotive refinish VOC regulations in specific regions in North America (country, province, state, air districts). It is the responsibility of the purchaser/end-user to ensure they know and understand the regulations for their specific region, industry, application and end use and ensure that the products that they are using are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements and any permits specific to their business.

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