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SOUTHFIELD, MI, June 11, 2019 – BASF Canada and BMW have collaborated on a brand new training course on BMW frozen finishes that will be taught for the first time this summer.

The new course, titled BMW Frozen Finishes (RFN 912), was designed to provide BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers (CCRCs) the knowledge, processes and tools to properly repair matte finishes using the Glasurit paint system. Topics of instruction will include color and clearcoat sheen matching, variables that influence gloss levels, how to create a custom sheen, proper blending techniques and proper care and maintenance of frozen finishes.

“BMW has a very strong relationship with BASF that ensures our products will perform to deliver the highest quality repair,” said Sebastian Grajales, Marketing Solutions Manager for BASF Automotive Refinish. “This new course guarantees that shops have the right processes and procedures to make a perfect repair.”

BMW Canada has mandated that all BMW CCRCs have one refinish technician attend and successfully complete the course during 2019, followed by requiring two technicians to attend and complete during 2020. Training courses will be offered in Canada throughout the summer at BASF training facilities in Toronto and various distributor training facilities in western Canada. Enrollment in the new course is limited to BMW CCRC technicians.

RFN 912 will be held by region on the following dates:

  • June 20-21: BASF/Color Compass Training Center – Calgary, Alberta
  • June 26-27: BASF Training Facility – Toronto, Ontario
  • July 17-18: Polytechnic College – Regina, Saskatchewan
  • July 31-August 1: BASF Training Facility – Toronto, Ontario
  • August 7-8: BASF/Color Compass Training Center – Edmonton, Alberta
  • August 21-22: BASF Training Facility – Toronto, Ontario
  • September 18-19: BASF/Color Compass Training Center – Coquitlam, British Columbia

For enrollment information, visit the BASF Refinish Learning Management System or contact your BASF training instructor.

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